Parent Testimonial

I am writing to thank you for the help and hope you have given my son and our entire family. My 15-year old son was seen by a therapist within his health insurance plan, and found to be deeply depressed and suicidal. During this time of shock, pain and fear, we were told the health insurance plan did not cover mental health treatment, so for him to be hospitalized or even receive outpatient counseling, we would have to pay full out of pocket. Having limited financial resources, we were desperate to keep him safe and find outgoing therapy we could pay for without becoming homeless. We called over 30 resources trying to find help for him, and finally through his school, found RISE Against Suicide. Words cannot express the relief and hope RISE offered at a time we so desperately needed help.

It is hard for parents or any individual who has not experienced this to understand just how frightening and devastating it is to see a child (or any loved one for that matter) sink into depression and plan to end their life. As a parent, you feel so helpless and paralyzed with fear that you may lose your child. Yet there are such limited sources for help. You watch over your child so carefully from infancy, provide good nutrition, good physical health care, protection from disease, safety, love and nurturing, and if you are lucky enough, you still have health insurance for your child. But what happens when your health insurance provider decides mental health is not something they will cover and this precious child you love so much develops depression?


Kids don’t choose to be depressed. Impulse control during adolescence is limited, not to mention the tremendous stressors during adolescence. This is why we lose so many of our precious children to suicide. Available, affordable help is in short supply, which is why RISE Against Suicide is such a valuable and necessary fund. Without it, I don’t know where desperate parents and kids would go. It has saved an untold number of lives. It has certainly rescued our family, and we will be forever grateful!


Not only is the help RISE provided life-saving, but I can’t express my thanks and gratitude enough for the response I got when I first called. After 30 rejections and extreme desperation on my part, the first response from the individual answering the phone at RISE Against Suicide was, ‘We will help you. We will get your son the help he needs right away. We will help you through the referral process with the school. We are here for you.” And you were, with a therapist who could see him right away and all your support. I cried a lot during this crisis with my son – out of fear and frustration. But the tears I had after that call were of pure relief and gratitude. I know you must know the tremendous good your organization does but let me say from the bottom of my heart,  THANK YOU for helping to save my son.